LEARN TO SPEAK DOG IN SIX WEEKS

The average dog can understand 165 words and can count to five. Your dog can understand you. How well do you understand your dog ?

Five Rings teaches all aspects of dog training from bringing home a puppy to advanced obedience. Most of our classes are taught at our Hanson location we also offer in home training. Our belief is that no one way of training is best for every dog and dog owner. Our teaching methodology focuses primarily on positive reinforcement and is tailored to each dog and owners individual needs. Our mission is to develop a better relationship between you and your dog through training.We specialize in the rehabilitation of shelter dogs and offer discounts to all dogs adopted from a shelter. 

***Your dog smells !  Teach them how.***
now offering nose work classes. The most fun you can have while training a dog.
As for me and my house we will serve the lord. Joshua 24:15

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